Rat blocks

Thiim Rat blocks

rottespærre en effektiv mekanisk og giftfri rotte blokker

Ratél has a large program in rat blocks, which together with the mechanical rat trap RatTrap ET20 developed by Ratél, allows you to completely block rats' access to certain parts of the sewer system. It creates the opportunity for a completely new and far more strategic approach to rat control than before.

Rats in the sewer system no longer have to be a ticking bomb under food companies, sensitive production companies or our private homes.

Ratél's rat blocks are made of stainless steel and are designed so that the wastewater can pass through unhindered in the direction of the drainage, but rats can not move past the barrier in the opposite direction. This is achieved by means of double dampers, which are locked to each other by means of patented locking mechanisms.

How it works

rottespærre der lukker rotter ude og holder dem der - ratel

The blocks are constructed of stainless acid-resistant steel. Rat blocks can be mounted both in the inlet as well as in the outlet from a sewer well.

It works in such a way that two dampers with a mutually patented locking system allow the waste water to pass unhindered out of the area which is to be protected. All while the rats can not pass into the area due to the locking system in the dampers.

Often the rats will need to move out of an area to access food. It is possible for the rats to pass the barrier in the same direction as the waste water out of the area, but the rats can not return to the protected area afterwards.

The rat trap is mounted in the sewer pipe by means of a mounting rod, and is held in the pipe by means of a spring action in the steel casing which surrounds the dampers.

Strategic rat control

The strategy for combating and protecting an area will typically consist of installing the RatTrap ET20 trap in selected sewer wells, combined with the use of Ratél's rat blocks. Which makes it impossible for rats to enter from the sewer into the area in question.

The rats that try to enter the area will be killed in the trap and therefore can not cause further problems.

This solution gives rat control a whole new dimension, as it has not previously been possible to carry out such a targeted and effective control of sewer rats.

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rottespærre er en mekanisk fælde, som virker i kloakrør og tilslutninger - ratel