About Ratél

Ratél is a respected supplier of products and services that promote economical, efficient, environmentally sound and animal ethical rodent control.
– Hans Knudsen,
Adm. director of Ratél ApS

The story of Ratél

Ratél was founded in November 2010. Since then, the company has developed 2 sewer traps, the most recent of which was launched with a completely new concept in December 2017. Ratél also deleiveres the innovative Thiim rat block.

Today, Ratél ApS is owned by a number of innovative companies that work with both electronics, mechanics and general business development - a strong circle of leaders who have the courage to further develop products within green rat control.


Ratél's products are non-toxic

All of Ratél's products are patented and comply with the legislation in force at any given time, in the markets in which they are offered.

Our traps are mechanical rat traps, which are easy to use and which can be easily adapted to the different sizes of sewer pipes. Since the trap functions both as a rat trap and as a mechanical rat trap, it is possible to combine the trap with a number of rat traps to establish a product concept that provides effective protection against the intrusion of rats in a given area.

Today Ratél has a unique product concept for non-toxic rat control and rat protection, with the market's largest and widest product range.

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