RatélCom - Digital overview of your Rat elimination

Ratélcom is Ratél’s platform, that gives you a digital overview of your rat control.


  • Statistics 
  • Images 
  • Positions 
  • Reports
  • Servicereports 

Monitoring of 

  • Sewer traps
  • Surface traps 
  • Rat blocks 
  • Other products for Rat elemination
ratelcom din digitale platform som giver overblik over rottebekæmpelsen


The focal point for digital rat control is data.
From the moment the device is assembled until we generate reports on the development, data is our center

  • All of Ratél's online products use the latest
    wireless technologies to create live data
  • Ratél's intuitive Ratélcom APP ensures that the technician can easily and quickly create master data for the installation
  • Ratél's web platform Ratélcom delivers conclusions and reports and helps the customer with all the administrative tasks
dataflow i ratelcom giver dig nyttig viden - ratel

Ratélcom APP - Simple tool for handling rat control

ratelcom app er en hurtig og nem måde at se data på - ratel

Ratél's intuitive Ratélcom APP ensures that the technician can easily and quickly create master data from the installation, among other things.

  • Data Entry
  • Images
  • GPS position

Subsequently, easy and simple access to create a service report with the option of comments and a picture

Daily overview of traps e.g.

  • Alarms
  • Status

Rotter i kloaksystemet behøver ikke længere udgøre en tikkende bombe under fødevarevirksomheder, følsomme produktionsvirksomheder eller vores private hjem. Ratél har udviklet en mekanisk rottefælde, der gør det muligt at afspærre fuldstændig for rotters adgang til bestemte dele af kloaksystemet samtidig med, at indtrængende rotter aflives. Det skaber mulighed for en helt ny og langt mere strategisk tilgang til rottebekæmpelse end tidligere.

System Overview RatTrap

Ratéls mekaniske rottefælde monteres i kloakfældens spildevandsafløb. Fælden er robust konstrueret til at fungere i kloakmiljøet. Den er nem at montere fra jordniveau. Rotterne kan ikke passere fælden, men ledes op i et aflivningskammer, hvor de aflives humant ved hjælp af et CO2 drevet stempel. Efter aflivningen skylles rotterne ud med spildevandet. Samme fælde kan anvendes til forskellige dimensioner kloakrør.

The use of a CO2 powered piston to kill rats is far more humane and environmentally friendly than the use of poison. Furthermore, problems of resistance are avoided, which otherwise can have fatal consequences for the control in a given area, because the toxins used may lose their intended effect.

Likewise, the trap also acts as a rat barrier, which means that rats cannot under any circumstances gain access to the parts of the sewer system where the traps are installed. This is also the case if a malfunction should occur. The flaps of the trap are made of fiberglass, just as the built-in lock means that the rats cannot lift them.

The trap can be mounted, operated and dismantled from the surface without anyone having to descend into the sewer and does not block the flow of waste water.

Why the RatTrap is unique

  • Kills rats quickly, humanely and efficiently without the use of poison
  • Long battery life - estimated 5 years
  • All electronic parts are designed to comply with an IP68 rating
  • Wireless communication to a web interface
  • Automatic self-charging sewer trap with built-in rat block
  • Acts as a mechanical rat trap - even in case of malfunction
  • Monitoring of possible accumulation in the well
  • Easy installation from the ground surface
  • Can be used in cable sizes from Ø150 to Ø500
  • Competitive price range and low maintenance costs
  • ATEX approved for use in EX Zone 2 classified areas.