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User manual
RatTrap ET20

Quick Guide RatTrap

CE-mærkning RatTrap

VA-certification Ratél
ET10 + RatTrap ET20

VA-certification Thiim

RatTrap ET20

Documents for the Ratél traps and app

Here you find the documentation on how to use and setup the Ratél rattrap for sewer and ground. The RatelCom app and the rat block(Thiim spaer) for pipes and other tubes to your house or factory.

Our rattrap is very efficcint and can be use all over the world. WE have the certifications you need. When you have purchased rattraps and downloaded the guides, you should be able to setup the rattraps without problems. If you expirence problems, do call us, if possible we will send one of our expirenced technicians to help you. Off cource are you placed in the United States, this will be a bit difficult, but our support team is very cappable too. If you can provide live video so that we can see what is wrong, that will help a lot.

In need of more documentation?

If  there are documents you need and cannot find here, do contact us and we will provide the nessercary documents or certifications. We always try to help as quickly as possible. Go to our contact page and get help there.

If you want to read more about our rattrap or rat block products, you can go to the products page , where you also find the RatelCom app.