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A lot is happening in our world. One of our news is that, we are developing a new communication system for our rat trap for sewers.

This does not mean that our other products are at a standstill. There is development on all fronts with us. Rats are unfortunately a cunning beast and therefore we must constantly develop our traps.

It is also important for us at Ratél that you benefit from our products in everyday life. Have you seen our products? Or are they on the right. If you have questions about how the sewer trap or surface trap works, you are very welcome to contact us and advice on them. All our traps are Mexican, and without poison. So they do not harm the environment and neither dogs nor children can go wrong with the traps.

If you have our sewer trap, rat trap or surface trap, you probably also know our app Ratelcom. Here you have an overview of what happens in the traps. You get a lot of data that can help place the traps better.