Mechanical sewage trap

Ratel's patented mechanical sewage trap is a rat trap that is installed directly in the sewer system. Entering the trap, the rats are led through a chamber leading to the killing unit. In the killing unit you find a flap. When the rat touches the flap with its head – a piston is released with great force. The piston will hit the rat in the neck – and the rat will die immediately.

The piston is driven by a CO2 canister under high pressure. Then the trap drains itself, placing the dead rat at the bottom of the sewer pipe and subsequently rinsing it out with the wastewater.

elektrisk rottefælde

Rat Block

Rats in the sewer system no longer need to be a threat to food companies, sensitive production companies or our private homes. Christian Thiim has developed a mechanical rat trap that allows us to block the rat's access to chosen parts of the sewer system – as well as killing rats trying to re-enter this part of the system.

Ratéls rat block is made of stainless steel and is designed so that the wastewater can easily pass in the flow direction, but that rats can’t move past the block in the opposite direction. This is achieved by using double flaps, which are locked together by with a patented locking mechanism.


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