About us

Ratél is a respected supplier of products and services
that promote an economical, efficient, environmentally
sound and animal ethical rodent control

- Hans Knudsen,
Man. Dir. Ratél Aps

Ratél ApS was founded in November 2010.

Since then, the company has developed 2 sewage traps, the latest of which is launched with a brand-new concept in December 2017.

Furthermore Ratél produces the innovative rat block the ”Thiim Block”, developed by Christian Thiim.

Today, Ratél ApS is owned by a number of innovative companies working with both electronics, mechanics and general business development - a strong management team with focus on further developing products within green rodent control.

All products from Ratéls are patented and live up to every applicable legislation on the markets in which they are branded and sold.

The mechanical RatTrap, is easy to use, and is easily fittet in the different pipe sizes in the sewer system. Since the trap acts both as a trap and as a mechanical rat block, it is possible to combine the trap with a number of rat blocks to establish a product concept that provides effective protection against rats in a given area.

Ratél has a unique product concept for non-toxic rodent control and rodent protection, with the market's largest and widest product range.


RatTrap ET 20 NOW to be used in areas with a risk of explosive atmospheres!

After a successful test period, we are pleased to announce that the RatTrap ET20 now also can be used in potentially explosive areas (ATEX classified areas). From now on, the RatTrap ET20 will only be delivered in the ATEX version. The parts installed in the manhole – being the trap itself and the repeater will be labeled with the ATEX symbol.

Ratel has moved into a new location as of 1/7 2018

In the process, we have gathered office, administration and production at one location in Kolding! Thus, we have secured a more flexible process from customer need to delivery. At the same time the workers at Ratél has got a more efficient working day. Feel free to come by, if you are in the area!